Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Breaking the Rules

Around Casa da Praia (the name we bestowed on our home at Copacabana - it's Portuguese for "house of the beach") we have a long standing house rule that you are not allowed breakfast unless you have been for a walk and/or a swim. Exercise and salt air are a great tonic and this daily constitutional gives a little structure to retirement living. Besides David knows that this is one chance he gets to see me before I disappear into my studio and he returns to the "office" (the beach) to work on his tan.

However, the house rule has some flexibility as we don't enforce it strictly in inclement weather. As it is raining today, I am in my studio bright and early. I guess that is not really breaking the rules.

Le feu (fire) was making me fou (crazy) - I must practise my French vocabulary as we leave for Europe in just two months. Instead of completing, earthwaterfire, I've been doing some play pieces to get my equilibrium back so here is a sample:


Anonymous Chantel said...

I like the look of this! the black on the colour and the colour on the black... Love little sis.

March 01, 2006 9:54 am  

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