Friday, February 10, 2006

Let's Talk

Late last year, I participated in the Friday Showcase program organised by The Quilters Guild of NSW and presented a selection of my quilts along with an account of my personal quilting journey. It was such a positive experience with many in the audience making kind comments and sharing their own insights. I really appreciated the supportive feedback from traditional, contemporary, novice, and experienced quiltmakers alike. Thus emboldened, while I was visiting my local library this morning, I casually mentioned that I would be happy to bring some of my quilts in one day and talk about them if that would be of any interest. Talk about a positive response! The librarian was most enthusiastic and so we have agreed that I will come in at 10.30am on Monday, 27 March 2006 to make a similar presentation and to discuss some of the books that have provided inspiration and guidance along the way. What fun!


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