Sunday, June 11, 2006

And another thing...

Did you know that in the Yorkshire Dales, milk can be delivered to your door in glass MILK BOTTLES?! Now there is a blast from the past (and I'm feeling every one of my 40 years). Unfortunately, due to mobile phone reception difficulties, we were not able to make contact with the local milkman to arrange a holiday delivery.

I couldn't sleep last night. No, it is not jet lag but excitement as today is judging day for the Sydney Quilt Show. We have 370+ quilts for judging so it will be a long day for the judges and the guild committeee. I needed to put a hanging sleeve on one of my entries so I finally got to the sewing machine yesterday. After six weeks away from the machine, it felt VERY strange and my seams were kind of wobbly. Just don't tell the judges.


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