Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm Over It

I declare my brief but intense infatuation with shibori resist dyeing is over. I spent several hours this week carefully stitching two larch pieces (see Erica's blog for some directions) and left them batching in dye while I travelled to the city today for a guild committee strategy meeting. Upon my return, I was eager to see whether the larch/circle pattern had taken. To make a proper assessment, I needed to loosen and remove the stitching and rinse the fabric. It took an age and, as I tugged in vain at the stitching thread, I felt all enthusiasm dissipate. It didn't help that I nicked a small hole with my embroidery scissors as I tried to snip the threads :-(

Both pieces turned out OKish (photos tomorrow) but I am ready to return to my first passion - piecing all the way!


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