Friday, November 24, 2006

A little mountain air

Today's destination was the re-fabricating difference textile exhibition at Springwood in the bushfire zone of the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney and some 2+ hours from Copacabana. There we found 30 quilts on display including impressive contributions by Alison Muir , Antonia Valentine and Sue Dennis. No photography was permitted although I did purchase a CD catalogue for $10. Not all of the exhibits were of the highest calibre but the standouts make the trip worthwhile and a variety of techniques were employed.

Many of the quilts were for sale and I was struck by the very modest pricing. Personally, if I was to put a quilt up for sale (and it's not something I am particularly inclined to do), I would prefer to put a higher price/value on my work and not sell it rather than undersell myself.

I have a number of projects under way at present but many are gifts and cannot be shown on my blog for fear of spoiling the surprise. I made a belated start on my guild calendar challenge quilt this afternoon - entries are due at the end of November. So far it looks something like this but I suspect it will morph into something else along the way:


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Cant wait to see the finished result, lovely colour combo's.

November 25, 2006 1:27 pm  

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