Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Incidental Exercise

I am the kind of person that takes stairs rather than escalators; walks down (and Up!) stairs to get between floors in office buildings; and will take the stairmaster home from popping down to Copacabana shops. So I embrace incidental exercise but I got more than I bargained for yesterday printing prize certificates for the Sydney Quilt Show...

I keep my printer at about knee level so as to maximise desk space and the cutting area in my stuido (and no, there will not be any pictures as my studio is a complete mess). This set up generally works very well but I had forgotten that my printer does not reliably grip onto thicker grade material. Consequently, for each and every one of the 120+ certificates grinding through my inkjet, I had to squat down and hand guide the paper at the start of printing the certificate. And so my thighs and behind are aching a little this morning.

Shortly I will be off to the show for set-up day, a grand logistical event. I also spent yesterday preparing the web pages for the prize winning quilts. Results will be posted ASAP after the awards ceremony on Wednesday morning 14 June (Sydney time). So check out the guild's website then. I don't mean to be a tease but there are some very delightful quilts to inspire you.


Blogger Delia said...

My favourite anatomy tutor in 1st year had a week like that. We were learning about the function of the thigh muscles, she would actually show people. the act of flexing your hip while extending your knee is not that strenuous but when you do it 60 times per lab, and have 15 labs in a week to teach... she ended up with "quads of steel".

June 15, 2006 7:03 am  

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