Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Preparations

This year I get to celebrate Christmas in my own home. This is somewhat unusual - with David's family living in America and much of my family in New Zealand, we tend to travel at this time of year. However, this year my mother, two brothers and one of my three sisters will be joining us at Casa da Praia and preparations are in full swing. I'm so excited!

The decorations, such as they are, are up; the beds are made up with fresh linen (sorry Delia but you get to blow up your bed!); the fridge and pantry are bulging (I did general grocery shopping last night and had the store virtually to myself - gotta love 24 hour supermarkets); the fishmonger and butcher orders are in; vacuuming will begin when I declare that I have finished all hand sewing and promise not to drop any threads in the main house for a week; and so on.

I put in an order for fine weather but the forecast is for damp and windy. This is quite OK with my brother Julian as he is living in Caity country (I mean Toowoomba) and is craving the sound of rain on the roof. Here on the coast we get rain often enough - it just doesn't fall in the catchments so we are on Type 4 water restrictions.

By the way, I went ahead and transferred the guild blog over to Beta Blogger yesterday AND "upgraded" the template. Conversion is easy - it's the upgrade where you can lose your customised layout. It took me a little while to get oriented with the new tools and widgets but I have worked out a painfree way of inserting your own banner. I will be updating my tutorial accordingly. Watch this space.


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