Friday, December 08, 2006


I have just returned from an overnight trip to Sydney on guild business. As usual, I took the train. It is a picturesque trip as the train goes through national parks and hugs the banks of some remote inlets on the Hawkesbury River. As I sewed labels onto a couple of quilts, I couldn't help but overhear the lively conversation of a group of senior citizens behind me. However, the best overheard discussion of the day was while perusing the magazine section at a bookshop. A guy in his suit raced up to the quilting section, whips out his mobile phone and says:
"Hello darling - I'm just at Borders and see that they have the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine. Do you want me to bring a copy home with me?"
Obviously very well trained...


Blogger kirsty said...

Gotta love a man like that!

December 08, 2006 3:07 pm  
Blogger Helen Conway said...

kind of prefer my man actually - he buys me a years postal susbcription!

December 08, 2006 7:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

found you on Kirsty's site, hi! love the quilts, your designs and colour combinations are lovely, and thanks for the useful banner tutorial, i can't wait to go on leave next week so i have time to play around with it.

December 08, 2006 11:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


December 08, 2006 11:43 pm  
Blogger Pam said...

Oh My hubby calls himself a Quilting Widower. He asked me tonight about my sewing machine living on the Dining room table!
Mmmmmm wonder if I can train him to look for quilt magazines....unless they are next to the cars and bikes mags me thinks not.

December 09, 2006 12:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CarGuy is coming along nicely...

December 09, 2006 1:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found this blog from an article in Patchwork&Quilting magazine in the UK. I am new to blogs and am delighted to have found this site
Elma in Lochwinnoch, Scotland

December 09, 2006 7:30 am  

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