Wednesday, May 10, 2006

After the rain...

Monday, it rained. There seemed no good reason to try to defy the elements and instead we slothed at home. I finished my only novel in English (David’s and my reading preferences rarely intersect) but fortunately I am staying in the home of a quilter so I was able to meander my way through various back issues of French and Danish quilting magazines. Judging from her home décor, Ida enjoys wildlife and little critters and favours nature/pictorial quilts. These cheeky characters reside on the design wall in her sewing room:

And like any good kookaburras, they would have laughed uproariously after the rain. For our part, when the new day dawned clear, we decided to go to Andorra for lunch. It seemed like a good idea but, after nearly three hours of driving through the mountains, the first place we wanted to visit in Andorra was a restroom. We searched high and low. We inquired plaintively/ desperately to people who spoke neither French nor Spanish. And finally we found blessed relief at McDonalds. Hallejah!

We strolled the ritzy streets; basked briefly in the sun; gazed into expensive shop windows; both stepped in dog poo and resolved to return to France ASAP. As compensation, we stopped for a bread and cheese pique nique lunch on the mountain pass:


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