Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where in the world...

Only one more sleep until we set off on our home exchange adventure to England and France. Shame about the long haul plane journey to get there. As a child, when we used to go a family holidays (to much more modest destinations), we would often play "I'm an Ant" to pass the time. The game involves one person selecting a location somewhere in the world and everyone else trying to guess it through an elimination process of questions that must be answered with yes or no. An extra degree of difficulty was usually added with the very young members of the family answering the questions somewhat randomly. Anyway, I won't make you play "I'm an Ant". Our broad timetable is:

29 - 1 May: London
1 - 17 May: Axat, France
17-19 May: Edinburgh
19:31 May: Yorkshire Dales
31 -2 June: Kent
2-5 June: London

I will endeavour to update the blog from time to time but do not expect to be able to include photos until early June. I've added some weather links to my blog side bar if you are interested in seeing whether the European spring is treating us kindly. A toute a l'heure...


Blogger Amy said...

Pick me pick me - I'll give random answers!

April 28, 2006 4:57 am  

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