Saturday, May 06, 2006

What a difference an F makes...

Today in summary: Croissants:0; Cheeses: 1 (chevre); Chocolates: 2; Castles:2; Churches: 0; Rain:0; Patchwork Stores: 0; Kilometres walked:5+ (but mostly uphill – why didn’t they build castles on the flat?); Translation Faux Pas: 0 (but still recovering from yesterday)

When we visited la boucherie yesterday, I thought we were buying goose sausages (‘oie’ in French) but alas they were ‘foie’ (liver). What a difference an ‘f’ makes! We cooked them on the BBQ and smothered them in Dijon mustard. They could have been worse but we won’t make that mistake again…

Our primary destinations today were Chateau Queribus:

and the expansive Chateau Peyrepertuse :

Both one-time Cathar strongholds and both a very long way UP from the carparks. Neither castle had many visitors so we were free to poke around at our leisure in the glorious sunshine. We weren't the only ones enjoying the sun. Look at what we saw basking on the castle path:

We returned home via Gorge Calamus – a rugged, narrow 3 kilometre stretch of road. A hair raising experience not to be repeated.

Here I am at Queribus. In a fine family tradition, I have not 1, not 2 but THREE cameras:


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