Sunday, October 08, 2006

Time to Take a Bow

Between our time in the city and attending to some guild Exhibition Secretary business, I haven't done any sewing this weekend. However, while I was on the train travelling home, I had time to read the current issue of Quilters Companion:

This Collector's Edition showcases ten great Australian quilts and I especially enjoyed the three page profile of contemporary quiltmaker Sue Dennis whose quilts often have a geological theme. I was also delighted to read the editorial in which Clare Mooney remarked upon her experience at judging day at this year's Sydney Quilt Show:
“It was wonderful to see such a flurry of activity as quilts were laid out, sorted through, slowly eliminated, held up and finally, placings selected. The committee had the day extremely well organised with all quilts labelled and sorted before reaching the venue for judging. A schedule had then been made to ensure that the day ran smoothly and excessive time was not spent on one category at the expense of another.Being able to see the behind the scenes work involved in putting on a quilt show make you realise how fortunate we are as a quilting community to have so many volunteers to coordinate quilts shows for our viewing pleasure.It is only thanks to those hundreds of dedicated quilting volunteers at our major guilds…that shows, exhibitions and events continue to be held for the enjoyment of all quilters.”
It is gratifying to have the guild committee's hard work so publicly recognised so I think I will take a bow.


Blogger Pixie said...

Wasn't that nice. and "hear hear" from me. I've been on 3 organising committees now, I think I've retired for a while, but I remember the joy of opening night!

October 10, 2006 7:30 pm  

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