Friday, December 22, 2006

Continuing Consumer Tales

When my parcel didn't arrive yesterday, I called Kodak back; went through all the silly prompts; went through my plaintive "help, help, help,supervisor, help, help, help, service!, help, help help" spiel and eventually got to talk to a more helpful supervisor. Incidentally, on the Kodak phone system "customer service representative" are apparently the magic words to bypass the prompts and get through to a real person. Not that the representative that I spoke to on Wednesday could tell me that. What do they think we are, mind readers?!

Distribution is the downfall of many e-commerce enterprises and I understand things go astray but unresponsive telephone service channels just add insult to injury.

Anyway, Jonathan conceded that my parcel appeared to be lost and so I arranged for my order to be reprocessed which means David may get his Christmas present by New Year's, all going well:-( I've also received various refunds, vouchers and credits should I ever feel the urge to purchase Kodak products again...

On a brighter note, my Electric Quilt 6 upgrade arrived in the mail yesterday (posted from the US on 13 December so delivery within a week or so by regular air mail is certainly possible even at this time of the year). Installation and registration went through without any glitches so I'm ready to start designing a medallion quilt for my mother. I have also made some super lime shortbread using the recipe from rooruu's blog AND I have transferred this blog onto new Blogger (due to its size, it took an hour but that's OK).


Blogger sheilaC said...

IT technology, please no more....
glad you got a mildly satisfactory answer to your overseas purchase... sheila

December 22, 2006 2:59 pm  
Blogger rooruu said...

Happy Christmas, Brenda - enjoy the shortbread (I cooked three batches and it's all gone! - I've got gingerbread to make today). Whole bunch of your readers visited my blog, so maybe the lime shortbread will take over the world - or at least bring pleasure to a bunch of nice bloggers.

December 24, 2006 3:42 pm  

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