Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Country Walk

After our Andorra adventure yesterday, we decided to stay closer to home today with a hike along another path way. At first it all seemed quite familiar with grassy meadows, colourful wildflowers and flittering butterflies:

Then, as we passed through the sleepy hamlets of Laprade and Cailla, things took a distinctly rustic and agricultural turn. We saw farm dogs, pigs, horses and donkeys but it was these girls that blocked our path:

Several kilometres hiking later and we passed through Laprade again. This time the farmer called out to us and invited us to view his cheese room and to taste his organic farm products. How enterprising and utterly charming! Needless to say, we returned home with an enormous chunk of farm fromage. Just as well Amy (one of my sisters) and Paul arrive tomorrow to help us eat it all.


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