Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Zealand Art

For my 40th birthday, my Dad and his wife gave me a print by New Zealand artist, Grahame Sydney, of Boundary Road, Ida Valley. Just look at that South Island sky! and that yellow road sign brings back memories of childhood road trips:

I don't know much about New Zealand art but when I was a student at the University of Auckland, I would often stop by at the Auckland Art Gallery. After all, the gallery adjoins the campus and was on my route from Grey Lynn and Point Chevalier. Furthermore, there was no entry charge which afforded me the luxury of multiple entries to take in as much as I could absorb at any one time and return visits for extra appreciation.

I especially recall various works by Colin McCahon. Actually, come to think of it, the green palette of my crop circles quilt top is quite reminiscent of McCahon. Maybe I am channelling my New Zealand heritage.

I am not up with the contemporary art scene in New Zealand but here are some classic kiwi artists that might capture your imagination: the graphic korus of Gordon Walters; the abstract shapes of John Drawbridge; Frances Hodgkins; Rita Angus; the architectural lines of Robin White; and Toss Woollaston.


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