Friday, September 08, 2006

Today's Geography Lesson

One of my favourite subjects in high school was geography and today I share with you a little local geography...

Cochrone Lagoon is nestled halfway along the beach between the communities of Copacabana and MacMasters Beach. It is home to black swans, ducks, herons, swamp hens, the occasional pelican and other water birds. This is a photo from last year:

In geography-speak, the lagoon is an "ICOLL" - an intermittant closed and open lagoon lake. There are ICOLLs dotted all along the Central Coast. Sometimes they are breached by ocean storms and other times the authorities intervene. Such was the case yesterday when a grader dug a trench from the lagoon to the ocean to release rapidly rising water levels from the torrential rains we experienced. The gash to the ocean is very dramatic:

The great divide means that the people who live at "Macs" will not be able to walk up to the shops at Copacabana for their milk and papers for a while. And a few fishy casualties are left high and dry:


Blogger Rosy said...

I am learning so much geography about your country from your blogs!
Keep it up!

September 14, 2006 12:10 pm  

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