Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Puzzle Time

Much as I enjoyed Quilt Camp, I am very happy to be home again. Today was one of those warm autumn days and there were dolphins frolicking in the bay when we went out for our morning swim. Magic!

Between preparing for my forthcoming teaching workshops and doing quilt show admin stuff, I am trying to get a small portfolio of new quilts together for the "Improvisations" workshop that I am doing with Nancy Crow in July. Time is limited as David and I are heading off to Europe at the end of the month and the Sydney Quilt Show will eat up a big chunk of June.

Anyway, it seems to make sense to focus on piecing as this is the quilting medium that I enjoy most at present. As I get back into the rhythm of piecing, I've been making a batch of irregular sized blocks from some of my own hand dyed fabrics. Putting them together is rather a challenge. It's just as well that I have always enjoyed jigsaws.


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